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If you came here to find Final Fantasy Midis, then download This Zip File for every midi I could find.
If you want all the midis for Chrono Trigger, then download This Zip File for every midi I could find for that game.
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A great list of midis
Aeris' Theme
Aeris' Theme (Short Ver.)
Ahead on our way
Battle (2)
Birth of God
Cait Sith's Theme
Chocobo (Carribbean)
Chocobo (Macarena)
Chocobo (Racing)
Chocobo Theme
Chosen from Planet
Cid's Theme
Costa Del Sol
Cry of Planet
Game Over
Jenova Theme
Mako Reactor
Nanaki's Theme
One-Winged Angel
Opening Theme
Tifa's Theme
Turks Theme
Valley of Fallen Stars

Here are some misc. midis... these are from Wild Arms and All Final Fantasy Games
CT Midis in Zip file.
Celia from Wild Arms
Final Fantasy 2
Opening to Wild Arms
Another midi from WA
Castle midi from WA
Zed's music from WA
Final Fantasy 2 Crystal Room
Remember Golbez?
Battle Midi from Final Fantasy I
Ending to Final Fantasy I
Matoya Cave From FFI
Title Music from FFI
At Zero Music Final Fantasy II
Tower of Babil music FFII
Final Fantasy 8 Airship Midi
Green midi for final fantasy 8
Lenore midi from FF8
Banished from Secret of Mana
Chrono Trigger Battle Music
Secret of Mana Dark Lich
Chrono Trigger Fair Midi
Zelda (the original)
Zelda Cave Music
A combination of FF7 music
Another FF7 combo
Most FF7 midis. Zip file also.
Baron Castle from FFII
Battle Music from FFII
The Big Whale from FFII
Elementals Music FFII
Introduction to FFII
Lunar Underground FFII
Main Theme Music from FFII
Mt. Hobbs Music FFII
Over world music FFII
Misc Music from FFII
Boss music from FFVII
Final Jenova Music
The Dragon Music from FF5
Final Fantasy 8 Battle Midi
Nemesis midi from FF8
Maneuver midi from FF8
Chrono Trigger Maggus Midi
Secret of Mana Theme
Mana Midi
Mana Fortress Midi
Mana Upperland Midi
Undersea from Chrono Trigger
Zelda Theme
A great FF7 combo!
Heavy Metal Chocobo Music

Cheats For FFVII

First- If you want to earn your limits very quickly then put the battle speed on fastest.

Second- To get unlimited items. You must have a W-item materia and at least two of whatever item that you want multiplied. Equiped the W-item and select the item you want to duplicate. Now use the item as you normally would. You should be able to use a second item now, select that item once again, but do not use it, unselect it. You should have one more of that item than you did before. You can keep selecting and unselecting untill you get a maximum of 99 of that item. For real money, use this code with an expensive item and you will never run out of money.

Third- Another code for money. This one takes patience. You need to gain an All Materia to Master. Then equip the new materia, and repeat the process. For every All Materia you earn more than 1 Million gil. After a few of the materia you should sell them. They are not very hard to gain if you have them equiped on a triple gain weapon or a double gain weapon, but make sure they are not on a no gain weapon. Also you can go to the area near Mideel after it is hit by the Ultimate Weapon and buy alot of Lightning Materia, then fight 5 battles and sell it. This will give you enough money to buy at least 2 more of them. If you repeat this process over and over again you will be rich quickly.